DaveF&Baby picDave started building decks in the 1980’s, but then had a near death experience falling off a third story deck due to a rotten handrail. After spending nine days in the hospital with a fractured pelvis, and other physical complications he came back and was determined to never have that happen to anyone he worked with – friend, family, coworker or customer.

So he started building quality homes and decks in Portland, Oregon almost 30 years ago. Today as the owner of Skyline Deck, Dave has an intense desire, commitment and responsibility to provide his clients with the best service and products available on the market. This shows in the long list of satisfied clients and being a Trex Platinum Pro Contractor.

When he’s not behind his desk at Skyline headquarters or slinging a screw gun out in the field, you’ll find Dave spending time with his daughter or at the gym pumping iron.